Dementia Care

We intend to prioritize everyone.

Dementia Care

Dementia Care can significantly improve the quality of life for patients with mild, moderate, or severe learning disabilities and related conditions such as autism and sensory processing disorder.

At Brand Healthcare, we recognize that each patient’s needs are unique, and that each patient requires a customized care plan to ensure the highest possible quality of life. Our highly skilled, specialist learning disability care team understands the difficulties these people face, and we can provide the care and support they require to live a dignified, independent life.

We provide specialized care for conditions such as autism, Asperger’s syndrome, difficult behaviors, communication difficulties, sensory impairment, and more complex mental health needs. We can assist by: 

  • Providing individualized care and support based on the patient’s abilities and needs. 
  • Assisting the patient in achieving and maintaining improved mental and physical health. 
  • Providing patients with the ability to achieve their goals and experience independence. 
  • Helping the patient’s family and friends communicate. 
  • Assist the patient in adapting to changing circumstances and shifts in his or her capabilities and symptoms.

Who Are We

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of care while maintaining a personal connection with those we serve. Helping people stay in their homes and live their lives the way they want informs both our management and carer teams, and we put the individual at the center of everything we do. Person-centered care entails working with each individual and encouraging full participation in providing the best care for you.

Our Mission

Our friendly, experienced care managers and staff supervisors are always on call and committed to being available when you need us. People’s lives change, and we are always adaptable, collaborating with you to respond quickly to changes in your situation. We are always happy to talk because we know that talking to someone with experience can help clarify things. We understand care, and you know what you require.

What We Do

Free evaluation from our healthcare professionals

Your local team of care managers is available 24/7 to answer your questions and collaborate with you to create a personalized plan of care that is perfect for you.